Our Services

Airport Transportation

Traveling consist of much preparation and high damage to your wallet already. Not to mention the additional fees and waiting time for airpor taxi. We Will provide best airport transportation service.

Door to Door Service

Want to go from one address to another, we have you covered. Simply make a reservation on our desktop site. We offer 24 hour service to any neighbourhoocin the Columbus, oh.

Taxi Cab Service

Express Cab, Trusted and recognized name of dependable Taxi service with Competitive rates, utilizing experienced, knowledgeable, English speaking drivers.

Taxi Package Delivery Service

Need and important item or package delivered immedaitely? Call us today to schedule a pick up. We will take your package as far as you need RIGHT NOW! Express Cab here to help!

A Night on the Town Service

when you decide to go out drinking remember to be safe and call a cab. We have cabs standing by in all entertainment zones of Columbus and will usually get you picked up.

1-6 People Limo taxi

Express Cab of Columbus, oh Service is proud to present you its special transportation service with limos in Columbus and other major cities in OH

Express Cab Service List

Our taxi drivers are experienced and professional - let them take you where you want to go! Express Columbus Taxi Services Prices

Express Columbus Taxi Services Prices

All our wedding cars are immaculately presented and fully dressed with the flowers and ribbons of your choice.

  • 1-6 People Limo taxi: From OSU- CMH Airport $11.00 flat rate
  • 1-6 People taxis: OSU - Short North Columbus OH $7.00 flat rate
  • 1-6 People Taxi van: From Downtown Columbus - CMH Airport $12.00 flat rate
  • 1-6 people Columbus taxi service Navigator: German Village - CMH Airport $15.flat rate

CMH Express Airport Transportation

Our professional driver will drop you off and/or pick you up in a timely and fashionable manner. Make your trip to and from the airport as relaxing as possible.

  • Depart at CMH: $15+15 pickup/drop up Downtown Columbus, OH location.
  • Depart CMH: $30+ Westerville, OH pickup/drop up location.
  • Arrive CMH: $25+ New Albany, OH pickup/drop up location.
  • Arrive CMH: $35+ Dublin, OH pickup/drop up location.